Solid Oak Bathroom Furniture

The cabinet frames, drawers, doors and vanity tops were made from solid oak and treated with two different shades.

The two separate bathrooms in our customers’ brand new two-storey house were fitted with similar coloured solid oak furniture. Architect Kristiina Mäntynen made the drawings and according to those, we started planning how to excecute the furniture to the bigger shower/toilet room upstairs and the smaller downstairs toilet.

The frames and doors of the cabinets and the vanity tops are made entirely of solid oak. In the original plan the doors had separate door pulls, but we suggested them to be replaced with less visible through grooves.

In this home there’s a unique solution for toilet paper storage: we turned 18 wooden pins that keep the paper rolls in order. And you won’t run out of paper any time soon 😉

The cabinet doors and the front panels of the drawers have been finished with a light white wax. The vanity tops, on the other hand, were treated with oil wax to endure the bathroom use. The different finishes also create nice variation of warmer and cooler tones in these harmonious spaces

Design: Miikka Kotilainen | Puuartisti and Kristiina Mäntynen| Arkkitehtitoimisto Kristiina Mäntynen
Woodwork: Miikka Kotilainen | Puuartisti
Photos: Tovari Marketing