These are the principles that guide our work.


Each furniture piece tells a story

We want to create furniture that you won’t abandon. We will pass on the stories from the growing history of the trees as well as share the details of our process. This way we aim at adding value and meaning to the furniture – to make them future “heirlooms” and antique.


We will never be a factory

We don’t want to limit what we do by what machines can do. Mass production would make us stick to a certain way of doing, which is something we try to avoid with all cost. We can focus all our knowledge and learning in unique projects and each tiny detail in them.


We use real wood

In our opinion, the beauty of wood lies in naturality – we want to make wood not only to look, but also to feel natural when you touch it. Therefore, for instance, we don’t want to drown the lively grain patterns under heavy layers of finish. What is best about genuine wood is the surprise factor: you never know what you find inside the tree trunks.


We cherish versatility in our team

We won’t do a same kind of project twice, but still our team members surely have developed their own areas of special expertise. The different backgrounds and interests make the unique mix of talent with which we can aim for the title of “World’s best Woodworking company”. Together.


We always try something new

Curiosity keeps us motivated, and that’s why we design things that we have never done before. Frightening? Well, yes, in a good way – because it makes us learn and go forward as a company. Miikka had never hand-turned a wooden ball before he decided to make one for the pandas at Ähtäri Zoo. For our record, no one has made a modern sauna seating from spruce roots before. What next?