Branching Rowan Table

Rowan – not the most typical table material – brings a fiery blaze into this dining table.

This specialty, a massive rowan trunk, was also among the park tree treasures that we got from Ilosaari Island. It is exceptional because it is not easy to find aged rowan trees that are not rot-ridden and therefore unusable for furniture. When sawn, this tree didn’t show rot but quite the opposite: astonishingly beautiful grain figures and even more rare flaming pattern.

We got four planks out of this tree and they were left to dry for a few years. Then our customer wanted to have a massive, warm-coloured dining table, and we had just the right material in mind. The rowan tree that had once enjoyed the life and parties and the river floating by in Ilosaari Island, got a new home in a house by the same water, looking out of the windows and witnessing many get-togethers – most likely also in the future.

The rowan planks were used as such for this roughly 2 meters long and 90 centimeters wide table. Most of the white “fat” was cut off, but otherwise the lively rowan got to stay in its natural look. A few small rots were fixed with wedge-shaped fillings that truly camouflage on the tabletop.

What catches the eye is the hole that was left intentionally on the other end of the table. It is a spot where one of the branches of the rowan tree was once growing. Who knows – who have climbed that rowan tree on a warm picnic day or while moshpitting in the local music festival that originated in the growing location of that specific tree…

The planks were thick enough so we didn’t design a separate supporting structure for the table top. The legs are elegant and slightly tapered. To finish it off, the table was treated with natural silky matt oil wax. Now the exceptionally hard and durable rowan wood gets to be a part of every meal in its new home.

Design: Miikka Kotilainen
Woodwork: Miikka Kotilainen
Photos: Joona Kotilainen