Kauris collection

Lightness, grace and elegance – and precise traditional joints from hundreds of years back. This is what Kauris collection is all about. It includes a side table, a desk and a bedside table that all share the same aesthetics. Kauris furniture are made to order.

The first piece of the Kauris collection, the side table, was born as the competition piece in the Skills2019 Competition of student cabinetmakers. Miikka was chosen as the head judge so he got to design the piece – that challenges also experienced cabinetmakers with its joints.

The distinguishing feature in Kauris pieces is the dovetail wedge joint on the legs. So no glue or screws are used in attaching the legs, but they wedge themselves securely only through shape. It is also possible to disassemble the legs and store them in the drawer part.

Kauris sidetable
Material: white oak
width 1000 mm
height 765 mm
depth 350 mm
screwless assembly
Price: 2300€ (incl. VAT 24%)

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