Pavilion With Artisan Windows

The handmade artisan windows from 16 individual pieces are the cherry on the cake on this 1800’s style pavilion.

The new owner of the property where this pavilion and a beautiful house from the 1890’s stand, started major renovation works, and the original pavilion was in such a bad shape that it had to be demolished. To honour the traditional look, the customer wanted a new pavilion to be built according to the old model. Architect Maija Korkeela from Necto Design did the drawing and we continued to plan how to actually build the thing in real life.

The interior walls are made with spruce paneling, and the walls, windows and the door are made from pine. The most intriguing challenge for us in this project was the traditional window design: the decorative windows show the scenery in seven different directions in this octaconal pavilion.

Each window consists of 16 parts that we made with the help of a routing jig and assembled by hand. We also got to familiarise ouselves with tranditional linseed oil window glazing putty – and especially finding the perfect texture of the putty so that it sticks to the glass but not to the spatula. A local glass dealer delivered the custom glazings as each window has 13 pieces of glass in them.

Now the pavilion stands on its beautiful location in the waterfront – facing the river on one side and the open lake on the other. What a view to look at – even on a stormy weather, as the pavilion is equipped with heaters. Simply beautiful!

Design: Miikka Kotilainen | Woodartist and Maija Korkeela| Necto Design
Woodwork: Woodartist
Glasswork: Kimmelux
Roofing: Joensuun Peltisepät
Photos: Tovari Marketing