Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

The old planks that a customer had found during house refurbisment were transformed into a massive dining table.

Why go for something new when you already have a treasure in your hands – like this time, when a customer walked into our workshop and showed the planks that he had torn down when starting the renovation works of his family property. He asked if the material would make a dining table, and we jumped at the chance to work on this beautifully aged material.
The planks had originally been used in a village shoemaker’s working desk, and that could definitely be seen in how the wood had been worn into grooves and dents, except for the knots that are much harder.

So we designed a massive, 2-meter long dining table where we specifically wanted to preserve the weathered look of the wood material by treating it very gently. This material had actually been used for other interiors in our customer’s house, so we matched the table to them as well.

Cleaning all the dents and grooves of the planks and fine-tuning the joints took some time – but the precious material was really worth all of it. To finish the look, we treated the planks with clear oil wax.

The circle closed as the planks, transformed into a table, returned home, just in time for the Christmas dinner – served in the same room where the shoemaker used to work.

Design: Woodartist
Woodwork: Woodartist
Photos: Joona Kotilainen | Tovari Marketing