Mitred Oak Stairs

This oak staircase flows seamlessly – thanks to the mitred joints.

These stairs were in the form of a concrete staircase frame when we got the assignment to make the wooden steps and handrails for our customers’ newly built stone house. The material for the stairs was chosen already: the same oak parquet as in the flooring of the house, so we started planning on ideas to match the stairs to the overall style.

Our idea was to build the stairs as a seamlessly continuous entity, consisting of elements of one step and avoiding any kind of border. Each step is made from two pieces of oak that have been mitred, attached with wooden pegs and then glued together. Then each step has been glued to the concrete. To add some rhythm to the stairs, we added rubber strips.

The handrails were made from solid oak and waxed to match the color of the parquet. The same warm color of oak is present also in the doors of the laundry chute that we wanted to sink in the wall as seamlessly as possible. No more laundry laying around when you can just throw them downstairs through the chute – I think many of us would appreciate that kind of everyday luxury! 😉

Design: Miikka Kotilainen | Puuartisti, Arkkitehtitoimisto Kristiina Mäntynen and customer
Woodwork: Puuartisti
Photographs: Markkinointitoimisto Tovari