Coffee Shop Furniture

These rustic pine tabletops and light fixtures create a nice and cozy atmosphere in a local café.

We started making the tabletops and beam-like lighting fixture bodies based on the interior design by Joonas Korhonen from Nurkanvaltaajat design agency. The desired look was rustic, dark, warm – so we chose thick planks with a nice worn look as the material.

These more than 100-year old planks were originally used to build a house for the local raftsmen in the 1800’s. Later, the planks were re-used as the flooring material for a warehouse, and then we managed to get hold of them and made them into these 6-centimeter thick tabletops for sofa tables and taller bar tables.

To preserve and emphasise the original, rustic feeling and the history of the wood material, the finishing process was more like applying a fine touch of make-up instead covering the beauty of the material. We applied a thin coat of oil wax that turned the color just a little more grey but still maintained the warm tones of the wood. The metal legs were forged by the skilled blacksmiths of Taidetakomo Tulikiila.

The thick wooden lighting beams were also made from the same rustic material – and added a little bit of warmth with a chestnut shade finishing.

All in all, the dark shades of the rustic wood and the dim lighting create a soothing environment where you could easily spend hours and hours… sipping coffee and chatting with friends. We also heard that a client had recognised “Woodartist” style – even without knowing it for a fact!

Design: Nurkanvaltaajat
Metalwork: Taidetakomo Tulikiila
Woodwork: Woodartist
Photos: Joona Kotilainen | Tovari Marketing