Modern Sauna Seating

Sauna interior doesn’t have to repeat the old pattern, as the sauna seating made from white-waxed aspen wood shows.

A family had built a house in Scandinavian, minimalistic and modern style, so the sauna department had to repeat the same aesthetics. They had already chosen the wall paneling so we got a task to design sauna benches that would fit the ash-veneered poplar plywood panels.

An integral part of the sauna interior was the glass wall together with the glass door that would show the seating structure completely. The customer had an initial draft of the seating and we refined it together to make the seating work without a separate frame – to emphasise the clean look even more.

The material for the benches had to be sturdy enough to manage even without a separate supporting structure. Therefore we used 40 millimeter planks instead of the normal 28 millimeter ones. We sawed the non-edged aspen planks, planed and white waxed them at the workshop and then hauled them to the customers’ house as nine elements for the assembly.

We made an opening for the Tulikivi Sumu stove on the seating, and installed led lights in the back wall and a dimmable wall under the seats. To increase the functionality, the design enables you to take out any of the elements, which makes the cleaning easier.

Design: Miikka Kotilainen | Woodartist and customer
Woodwork: Puuartisti
Photos: Joona Kotilainen | Tovari Marketing