Table from Grandma’s Hayloft

Pine trunks and birch planks from grandma’s times were transformed into an impressive conference table.

Our customer’s grandmother had stored some heavy pine trunks and thick birch planks at her cowshed hayloft. They had been sawn in the 80’s and the grandmother was hoping to get a picnic table made out of them. But time passed by and the grandmother moved to a nursing home – and the table plan got forgotten.

However, the grandmother wanted to give the material to good use. So when her grandchild needed a coffee area/kitchen table to his office, we used the grandmother’s treasures as the material.

Miikka made the table design together with the French interns, Raphael and Valentin, who were with us at that time. The boys, who had learned French woodworking traditions, familiarised with rough Finnish-style woodworking when they, for instance, came up with the idea that they will burn the pine trunks that form the leg parts to make them black.

The planks in the table top have been fitted precisely to the shape of the legs, and they are joined together with dovetail joints. The charred pine legs have been brushed after burning and then waxed with natural oil wax. The table top has been treated with yellow-preventing and natural oil wax.

The table has triggered many conversations at the office, and no wonder – since it has a nice, personal story to tell. The grains of the pine trees are clearly visible, and it is not uncommon that someone’s fingers end up feeling the grain patterns during meetings.

Wood therapy at its best.

Design: Miikka Kotilainen, Raphael Pacha ja Valentin Boucher
Woodwork: Woodartist
Photos: Tovari Marketing