Table from Homestead Flaming Birch

The flaming birch that almost ended up burnt in the fireplace is now blazing in this dining table.

When this birch that grew on the family land by the lake was young, it was surrounded by grazing sheep. The sheep were transported to their summer home in boats and there they spent the whole summer, enjoying the delicacies of the hayfield. Later the sheep were replaced with tractor and hay with potatoes, until one of the boys built a house on the site for his family.

The birch tree watched how the landscape changed and the kids grew, until the time came for it to be cut down for firewood. The man had already cut the tree into firewood size when he saw something extraordinary: unusually strong and vivid flaming patterns. What a pity! he thought, but eventually he put the pieces of wood into a separate corner in the storage. Maybe he could craft something later?

His wife’s birthday was approaching and he had planned to gift her with a new dining table. He then contacted us and asked if we could utilize the beautiful flaming birch in one form or another in making the table. Let’s try, we said. Of course, it is more difficult to start from wood material that is of certain length, but we came up with an idea of embedding stripes of flaming birch onto the table top that was made from very clean-looking, almost knot-free birch.

The supporting structures of this 220-centimeter long and 100-centimeter wide table were placed at the center of the table so they cannot be seen from the side. The tapered legs are slightly slanted and the tabletop has also been bevelled to add to the light appearance. A layer of oil wax highlights the beauty of the natural flaming birch.

Our customers have already had many family gatherings and spent time assembling puzzles with the grandchildren at the table – the story of which is nice to share also to visitors.

“The table is very precisely made and it has kept its form exactly. When walking by, it’s nice to look at the table and see that there is our tree from our yard in it. We surely won’t get rid of this table ever.”

Design: Miikka Kotilainen
Woodwork: Miikka Kotilainen
Photos: Harri Säynevirta