Waterfall Sauna

The waterfall joints on the benches, the light-coloured ash and the lighting on the walls create a serene atmosphere in the sauna.

The customer wanted their sauna to be refurbished with a whole new look – something graphic, clean, maybe something like the modern sauna seating we did before, but tuned into something new and unique. Challenge accepted – we said, and started designing the seating, wall panels as well as the lighting.

It did take some mathematical effort to calculate the width of the bench elements and the angle in which the stairs rise to make it nice and symmetrical. The frame itself is hidden under the bench elements.

The benches are made with mitrel dowel joints, “waterfall joints”, bringing a continuous grain appearance and a feeling of flowing water. The horizontal part has also been turned 5 degrees inwards – so the heels of the bathers don’t hit the benches when sitting down. It also adds to the waterfall feeling. The outer elements on each level are fixed but others can be moved, to make it easier to clean also from under the benches.

This is the first sauna we made using poplar wood. The walls were clad with custom-width panel to match the benches, and the benches were made from poplar planks. Compared to aspen wood, poplar features more prominent grains and whiter colour – which was the perfect match for the integrated electric sauna heater by Tulikivi.

Lighting is an essential part of the sauna interior. We didn’t want to install any kind of spotlights so we were almost desperate to find the perfect string of light that would create the feeling of light sort of “running down” the walls. Finally we found them and we do think the outcome is perfect.

We were happy to hear that the customer was pleased with the serene feeling in the sauna – and the unique look. Surely you won’t pop into another one like this!

Design: Miikka Kotilainen | Woodartist
Woodwork: Woodartist
Photos: Joona Kotilainen