Do you remember the tree that you used to climb when you were a kid? Or the birch that grew on your grandparents’ property – that once used to be your height and now reaches the sky? Or the thick planks that were found in renovation – could they be used to make something durable?

Trees are live creatures that even possess mythical powers in folklore. They live so long that we tend to form emotional bonds with them. They might remind us of a certain location, family traditions or a special moment in your life.

Continuity is a built-in feature in wood. When a tree is made into a piece of furniture, it will live hundreds of years longer. It will tell your story to many who come after you.

For example, we have made a terrace table from larch planks that our customer’s grandfather had sawn some twenty years ago. We have embedded the exceptionally strong flaming birch figures from a homestead tree on the top of a dining table. Transformed worn planks that once served as the working desk of a local shoemaker into a dining table for the same house. Saved massive pine trunks and birch planks from grandmother’s hayloft and made them into a table that the grandma, who already moved to a nursing home, had always wished for.

What is your story that you want to tell with wood?

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Would you like to have a piece of furniture that no one else in this world has? A piece that carries a special meaning to you? A piece that lasts?

Tell us what wood material is significant to you and let’s design something durable out of it together.